How to Create a 30 Day Meal Plan that ISN'T Boring! (+ Starter Kit)

You're one step away from knowing how to find healthy recipes that are right for you, creating a full 30 day meal plan and saving so MUCH time! 

YOUR ORDER INCLUDES: The Meal Plan Starter Kit! (both Omni and Vegan/Veg options included )

In this worskhop you will learn how to: 

  • Create a weekly and 30 Day Plan 
  • Make meal prep work for YOUR schedule
  • Find healthiest choices for YOUR fitness goals 
  • Do recipe research (specific keywords & nutrition guidelines)
  • Add flavor to different meals quickly and easily 

The workshop is divided into 3 easy to follow parts that you can download and keep forever. It also includes these handy templates:

1. Recipe Research Planner (+ 5 bonus recipes)
2. Flavor Book 
3. Meal Plan Templates
4. Grocery List Template
5. "Back up Meals" Planner

Total = $47. Just $27 for workshop and $20 for Meal Plan Starter Kit. Click "Get it Instantly" to complete your order.

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